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    MY WORLD at a glance

    I'm first an Artiste, a Media Personality & a

    Re-invention Activist, who uses different mediums of Art as Expression, to Empower YOU To Transform

    your Life.


    As a Multi-platform ambassador for self empowerment & transformation,

    I believe EXPRESSION is a sign of STRENGTH, not Weakness...That's why I advocate 100% for Expression.


    The Actress

    I have cut my teeth playing some of the best re-occuring characters in popular Television Soap Operas, Movies & Theater Productions in Africa.

    The Writer

    International Contributor for The Huffington Post, Has published over 380 Articles on Self Development + Screenplays for Film Television, Documentaries & Author of widely acclaimed self help book- THE NAKED TRUTH

    The Host

    Host of LIVE International Talk Radio Show - THE NAKED TALK, Alex's Audio Diary & Let's Go BRAG Podcast + Former Day Time TV Presenter.

    The Speaker

    Transformational Speaker at SpeakerHub & Associate Member of Women Speakers Association (WSA)- Empowering people globally with THE NAKED PHILOSOPHY

    The Coach

    Verified Clarity Expert at #AskAlex Coaching & Personal Reinvention Coach at SelfGrowth.com


    Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress | Writer | Television Personality | Talk Radio Host | Voice-Over Artiste | Speaker | Author | Self-Help Mentor | Creative Entrepreneur | Editor-in-Chief of BRAG! Magazine, Creator of THE NAKED Philosophy,

    Founder of THE NAKED MOVEMENT & The Naked Bliss Academy & President of THE BRAG CLUB for Influencers.


    She is 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, A 2016 Featured Guardian Woman, An International Ambassador for ‎#SheMatters Movement, An International Contributor for THE HUFFINGTON POST, The First "African Woman Living In Africa" to be featured alongside some of the world's most respected and celebrated powerhouse women on WOMEN ROCK PROJECT, Member of the Advisory Executive Council (AEC) for the WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF 2017) and a Women Mentoring Women's Mentor for Idea Builders Global Initiative.


    She's an Advocate for EXPRESSION, a Reinvention Activist and a Multi Platform Ambassador for Self Empowerment & Transformation - Popularly called the QUEEN OF EXPRESSION by fans, for her ability to use any medium to stir up a conversation

    and empower minds globally with her NAKED Philosophy...

    She is known for her practical wisdom, straight talk and ability to connect with any audience. Her fusion of real-life stories, humor and conversational illustration allows her to engage with any audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.


    She was Born in Lagos, Nigeria ALEXANDRA ADAEZE OKOROJI,.. to a Famous Nigerian Musician, Alexander Tony Okoroji and a Fashion Designer, Queen - Mary Okoroji.


    ALEX began her professional acting career on Television through the maiden edition of Amstel Malta Box Office in 2005 (AMBO) a TV Acting Academy, where she won many admirers and constantly kept many Reality TV lovers, glued to their television screen as she impressed both fans and critics with her performance.


    With over 10 years acting experience -well-versed in most aspects of performing - on Television, Film, Theatre and Voice Overs. With training which includes two years in community theatre and over 25 Productions to her credit, she has consistently been involved with different television projects, movies, series events and shows. And has featured in movies like CALABAR GIRL, FREEDOM BANK, TRINITY, DESTINY, STATE OF THE HEART, HERO’S BRIDE, WAITING YEARS, THE GUIDE etc where she has played both lead and supporting roles.


    She has also played some of the best characters in popular Television Soap Operas and Series like HEAVENS GATE, US, WIVES N' CONCUBINES, RUSH, G.R.A WOMEN, TALES OF EVE, SPIDER, on terrestrial television stations and popularly remembered as the entitled 'Betty' in the popular 'Spider' soap opera and the feisty lawyer 'Susan' in MNET’S dazzling multi-cam production TINSEL on DSTV across Africa for three (3) Seasons.


    Alex, has recorded several Public Service Announcement (PSA)for Radio and Television, and has written a number of screen plays, editorials, songs and content for television programs including STATE OF THE HEART, a movie produced by Iconic Actor, Richard Eyimofe Damijo (RMD) and Stella Damasus in which she was nominated at the 2009 edition of Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) and many more. Alex was also the Official Red Carpet Host alongside, Soundcity's Popular VJ Adams at the 8th Annual Edition of The AFRICA MOVIE ACADEMY AWARDS (AMAA) in 2012.


    After a very traumatic personal experience & a failed marriage....Alex sought solace in her writing...as she started to journal her feelings and express her thoughts. What started out as therapy, transformed her life and grew into a Vision that birthed her pen hub- a self help blog "ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS", a platform where she writes authentic articles about her experiences and voices her random unfiltered thoughts on Love | Life | Sex | Career | Reinvention...whilst using it as a medium to empower her readers.
    Known for championing the movement for Raw and Honest Expression....Alex has taken THE NAKED MOVEMENT further by using her creative skills as a medium to further promote a PRESENCE of MIND, while giving others a platform to have a VOICE and transform their lives.

    Alex Okoroji hosts her own LIVE Globally Syndicated International Talk Radio Show "THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji" broadcast on BlogTalkRadio, a New York based Internet radio platform and syndicates on Ten Global Networks including platforms like ITunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Acast, Player Fm, Pod Africa, Good Radio Network. And has created a LIVE

    digital TV spin-off of the show on FireTalk.

    She also broadcasts her motivational podcast series "ALEX'S AUDIO DIARY" on her blog, ITunes and AudioBoom...in which Volume 1: "From Inspiration To Celebration...is now available for sales on Compact Disc for traditional listeners @ THE ALEX OKOROJI ONLINE STORE.

    She has an empowerment project tagged "THE NAKED CHALLENGE" which is a series of online events/webinars she uses as a platform to challenge her audience into achieving their own personal goals. Alex is the author of THE NAKED TRUTH:Lies Stripped... STRIPPED DOWN SUCCESS For Creatives and her soon-to-be-released book "THE NAKED EXPERIENCE:From Timid Girl To Confident Woman...." a guide book meets memoir where she illustrates her journey to self and how she gained Experience, Wisdom and Confidence the hard way.

    A staunch believer of Expression and Truth...Alex epitomises the word "Keeping It Real..."...And her favourite terms of expressions... "Expression is a sign of Strength, not weakness" or "Straight Talk, No Bullshit...is catching on fast. Many of her fans have gone on to refer to her as "The Queen of Naked Expression...", "The Duchess of Naked Talk..." "Agent of Nakedness..." "Miss Truth...." "The Naked Talker...." And more... even though she considers herself just an Expressionist...
    Alex who is a verified Clarity Expert on Clarity.fm and Reinvention Coach hosts a private VIRTUAL one-on-one #AskAlex COACHING Session to help creatives reinvent themselves.


    She has hosted several programs on Television including MEGA VISION, a docu-presentation style program dealing with socio-economic issues in the city of Lagos on NTA Network of which she also scripted for the documentary, A Fitness segment Titled 'Fitness at Your Finger Tips" on A DAUGHTER OF AFRICA (ADA), A female magazine program on Africa Magic and THE SHOW TV a complete red carpet entertainment show syndicated on several terrestrial television stations.




    I was very excited to be a guest on BUSINESS MIC in Uganda- Daudi Mugabi


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    WATCH The Replay of Day 3 of THE NAKED CHALLENGE: Creative Mastery Global Summit with ME and #1 Best-Selling Author - TERRY LANCASTER, Prolific Novelist- SUZIE CARR & Award Winning Author - FELICE COHEN on WED, 6 July 2016, as they shared thought provoking insights, ideas and strategies to take your book or self publishing ideas to the next level. You can GET the #TNCsummitLIVE Bundle Day 1 - 6 with all the 25 Amazing Creative Influencers

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    I am Available to Speak or Mentor at your Public Event, Conference, Workshop, Seminar, Webinar, Tele-Summit, Community Gathering etc. Email ME at Alex@AlexOkoroji.me


    "If you have an upcoming event and you need a Vibrant speaker that will inspire and energize your crowd, Alex is perfect for it. With punchy humor, truth and authenticity, Alex Okoroji shares her wisdom and experiences in a way that gets the crowd asking for more. She covers very insightful topics in the most thought provoking manner...Her realness & personal illustrations are relatable and valuable. she surely knows how to tweak her presentations to suit the event. Our participants at the Chase Your Purpose Global Summit loved her. And we are thankful, we invited her to speak at the last minute. She is a truly gifted natural speaker. " - Tom J. Morse (Speaker, Writer & Co-founder of Chase Your Purpose Global)




    • The NAKED Philosophy; How To Strip Your BS - using  the basic (E)xpression (A)wareness (T)ransformation process


    • Learning The Concept of Being NAKED - Using The Four Point Principle of A.S.R.A for Personal or Career Reinvention- (A)uthencity (S)tripped (R)eveal (A)wareness


    • The NAKED Road to Success; From Idealist to Realist to Earning Your BRAG'ging Rights. (How to tslay goals  and  ranscend individual & business plateau - Accepting (C)hallenge Embracing (R)einvention & Applying (C)reativity


    The NAKED Truth: Lies Stripped...

    Available in E-Book. Audio and Print Version

    This book Is A Witty Gritty Guide To The Real TRUTH About Love, Life, Sex, Relationships and Reali, Culled From An Expressive Woman's Unfiltered Thoughts & Experience...

    It's An INTIMATE and Relatable Book, which Offers WISDOM to Anyone Struggling With Accepting The TRUTH About Who They Really Are, and What They Truly Want Out of Love, Life & Re-invention of Self.

    It Chronicles a Rawness, Authenticity & Vulnerability, That Every Person Needs...To Truly Become Expressive, Aware and Confident About Their Own Personal Journey to TRANSFORMATION.

    It is available in hardback and eBook in retail stores, libraries and online stores in 120 countries, including Barnes & Noble's , Lulu, Smashword, Gumroad, Payhip, Okada Books, and Amazon.


  • STRIPPED DOWN SUCCESS For Creatives...

    Digital Bundle contains an E-Book. Work-Book and Audio Bonus

    This amazing book bundle... contains an actionable, easy to read E-book, Work-Book and a Bonus Audio laced with relatable wisdom and powerful principles, for creative individuals struggling...and seeking simple & practical ways to create more IMPACT, achieve bigger GOALS and more SUCCESS as they earn their bragging rights.


    These are Principles, I have personally been applying all together and how YOU too can use them INTENTIONALLY - no matter what kind of work you do, where you are on the success ladder or GOALS you want to achieve.


  • Want to Shift from Stagnancy to Relevance?

    Take Advantage of My Signature 30 Day VIP Program for Influencers.



    Read Unfiltered Thoughts & Ruminations Straight From My BLOG!

    Sex...And My Bare Chest

    Monday 16, January 2017

    Over the weekend, one of my friends, Vanessa Mbamarah and contributing author of my soon-to-be-released Anthology, sent me a rather interesting message about sex and what women are looking for in the men we seek out, a sex partner or a building partner? Of course I went off in my signature alleluia dance waving my lace PANTIES in the air. Its the unholy dance I do, when I read something that deeply stirs my belly and stimulates my mind to consciousness...

    Baring Our Chest On Can We Talk

    Monday 2 January 2017

    This morning I had asked my younger sister to proof-read my first article HERE for Huffington Post for 2017 - which is an excerpt from my chapter in our soon-to-be-released book - I BARED MY CHEST. She read it - Said "Wow, its nice - but isn't it a little too revealng, too personal?..." I laughed ...and told her - "That's what being NAKED is about?" But it doesn't surprise me the number of people who hide behind all their secrets and baggage...and...

    What Are You Really Attracting?

    Monday 26 December 2016

    Everyday when I wake up for the last two years, I ask myself "Who or What are you attracting today Alex? What NEW opportunities are you drawing towards yourself today". You can bet that whatever answer I give myself, I do everything to follow up on it. Which is why, some weeks ago, a friend of mine had introduced me to another friend of his. "Oh meet Alex Okoroji, She's also a blogger, I bet she'll soon be earning more money than..


    Wednesdays & Fridays LIVE on Radio!



    This is an unscripted & uncut LIVE global talk radio show hosted by Queen of Expression - Nigerian Actress, Self Help Mentor, Speaker and Writer, ALEX OKOROJI on BlogTalkRadio every Talk Wednesday and Friday Radio Special @ 9pm (GMT) | 10pm (WAT) | 11pm (CAT) | 1pm (PST) | 4pm (EST) {check your local timezone}... and syndicated on 10 Global Networks.

    Its Straight Talk with some of the biggest Global Icons, Leaders, Entertainers, Motivational Speakers, Authors, Life Coaches, Relationship Experts and Extra-ordinary Friends as they strip themselves, their experiences ... and share their HONEST unfiltered thoughts about Issues that bother on Love, Life, Inspiration, Sex, Reality and everything in between....


    "I believe in stripping the lies and EMPOWERING the mind through the freedom of EXPRESSION. I'm unapologetic about being open, so I MOTIVATE my GUESTS to tell it like it is....and help my listeners build a 'Presence of MIND' while finding their voice"




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