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THE NAKED TRUTH: Lies Stripped... by Alex Okoroji

I BARED MY CHEST (Anthology)


"Reading through the book, Alex Okoroji is CRAZY...and boy, do I love it. This book is BUNKERS. I really like it" - Dr Akanimo Odon (International Business & Strategy Development Expert).

"I'm enjoying myself here. Instead of reading to review... I'm finding myself enjoying it and the privilege of being among the first to read this book. I found the writing style NEW at first, then I settled in on it and I'm enjoying the flow. It is very conversational. It is the FUTURE of writing... and it is Inspiring. " - Azeezat Allen (Award Winning Singer, Writer & Publisher of Hair'volution Magazine).

"Alex is one BOLD ambitious writer. The raw-ness and realness of her expressive self is refreshing. It is evident throughout this thought provoking book, that she aims to inspire people to open up their minds and view life in a deeper more realistic way. And oh, you might get a boner in your pants, a few times. At least, that's what happened to me while reading it. Thumbs up Alex." - William Taylor (Best Selling Author of "Powerful Fiction").

"It doesn't get better than this. There are several different elements in this book that totally made me enjoy it. I found myself laughing a lot and thinking a lot too. None of those overtly tedious grammar or heavy literary plots some writers weave. She writes the way she talks. And you can feel her positive energy, even within the rants and ruminations. Easy to read, easy to Internalize...And there's a consistent message in every chapter. A must read for people trying to overcome themselves or find themselves. Actually, this is a must read for everyone" -  Sindiwe Thembela Siyabonga (On Air Broadcaster & Actress).

"This book over delivers on what it promises...A captivating front cover with an engaging content that never grows old. Who cares? Well, who doesn't? I'm yet to see one person who doesn't care about life, love, sex or even their relationships. Whichever is your deepest concern, Alex beams the spotlight on real issues related to them. Every reader is sure to benefit their money's worth." - Liz Allen(Investigative Journalist & Author)

"Her thoughts are riveting. There are lots of truth in this book from start to finish. Some I have come across, reading a few of her blogs. You don't have to agree with all of her summation about life but you really have to respect her insightful points of view. I found myself nodding approvingly throughout each page and learning something new each time I scrolled. It is a very bold attempt at taking off all the baggage and healing the world. A great read." - Lisa Ann Mendes(Life Coach & Motivational Speaker).

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This Is A Witty Gritty Guide To The Real TRUTH About Love, Life, Sex, Relationships and Reality, Culled From An Expressive Woman's Unfiltered Thoughts & Experience...

It's An INTIMATE and Relatable Book, which Offers WISDOM to Anyone Struggling With Accepting The TRUTH About Who They Really Are, Their Flaws and What They Truly Want Out of Love, Life & Re-invention of Self.

It Chronicles a Rawness, Authenticity & Vulnerability, That Every Person Needs...To Truly Become Expressive, Aware and Confident About Their Own Personal Journey to TRANSFORMATION.

(E-book available in PDF & ePub Version. You can download this book straight to your mobile device, Ipads, laptops, desktop computers or any device that has a PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader or ePub Reader) Simply Click The Pink Button -  I WANT THIS.


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