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Actress, Alex Okoroji & TOPS Media Launch A New Global Magazine- BRAG!

TOPS  Media is pleased to announce the official launch of BRAG! - The magazine that tells YOU how to make it. 

BRAG! is The BRAG Club's seasonal digest for Influencers - which will publish 4 issues every year consisting of a Spring,Summer, Fall and Winter edition.

This first Winter 2016 issue will be on sale at digital news stands around the world. 

As a magazine, that tells people how to make it. It features and celebrates power influencers, creators, innovators and achievers who will give you the licence to BRAG.

This magazine offers rich and relevant information, strategies and insights that reflects an influencer's winning power. 

BRAG! will be on the Web at its official virtual home and can be read on mobile phones, ipads, computers, with a print-on-demand version.

The visual and editorial quality of BRAG! is top-notch and its pages are colorful, vibrant and inspired by the values and interests of the Editor-in-Chief, Alex Okoroji. 

"TOPS Media is very proud to be associated with BRAG and it's Editor-in-Chief. It's such a pleasure to be working with an incredibly talented woman like Alex Okoroji, who has become a leading global voice for Empowerment, a Multi-Platform Ambassador for Transformation and a Power Connector herself, to launch her amazing magazine," says Esther, Project Manager at TOPS Media. 

"As experts in entertainment, content creation and multi platform media solutions, we are well positioned to develop this new brand on several media platforms, thereby enhancing our brand portfolio and strengthening our presence on a global stage."

Speaking with the Editor-in-Chief... "After hours and days of work, I can finally unveil my magazine! What a delight! Working on the first issue was a highly enriching experience for me and I want to thank my Cover Girl and power influencer, SharRon Jamison, as well as the other amazing influencers featured and the fabulous team at TOPS for their collaboration and support in this magnificent adventure," said Alex Okoroji. 

The first issue of BRAG

BRAG offers 66 pages of pure gems and value bombs. With exclusive interviews and features from both international and homegrown icons, this magazine will bring its readers closer to the lifestyle that they wish to achieve.

In simple words - it is the magazine that tells you how to make it.

The Cover

On the cover of the very first issue is one of Atlanta's Power Influencers - SharRon Jamison. She is an Award Winning Author, Life Strategist & International Speaker.

It also features exclusive insights on the meaning of success from 10 top influencers around the world like #1 Bestselling Author - Terry Lancaster, Executive Business Coach & Speaker - Amy Walker, one of Ugandan's best -Host of Business Mic & founder of Pod Africa- Daudi Mugabi ,New York's Digital Media Queen - Madison Jaye, Award Winning Nigerian Actress & Singer - Ashionye Raccah, Prolific Novelist - Suzie Carr and More.

Winter 2016 also features ABC Ambassador Spotlight on sociopreneur - Vanessa Mbamarah and exclusive interview with Nigerian Award Winning Actor & Filmmaker - John Njamah, plus a bonus audio with solution strategist - Frankie Picasso + your action take-away and more.

Get the single issue or subscribe to 4 issues per year, today & get all your GIFTS!

On social media, the magazine will be promoted via Alex's BRAG Community (ABC) accounts to share content and news specific to the magazine via the hashtag (#) BRAG.

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