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Alex Okoroji is Guest on The I Am Afripreneur BUSINESS Podcast

It was an incredible honor to chat with London based podcaster, Chiamaka Chuke Okafor on her amazing business show - IAmAfripreneur Business Podcast. We Talked about so much. Click the PLAY Button to Listen to our Awesome Conversation.

What You'll Learn...

  • How my career as an actress kicked off by a chance application to the first ever Nigerian reality TV show set up to seek and find next generation set of actors and actresses.
  • The ups’s and down’s of being an actress.
  • The tragic period in my life when my family lost everything in a fire.
  • Being bored and wanted more out of my life.
  • All about having Richard Mofe-Damijo, the legendary actor, popularly known as RMD as a mentor.
  • How  and why I started my popular radio show, “The Naked Talk”.
  • The challenges actresses face after childbirth and trying to get back to work.
  • Keeping a straight face and lying over and over again to cover up a marriage in trouble.
  • Being worried about what people would say and letting down my family.
  • Depression and overcoming it by journaling about my pain of feeling abandoned + all other feelings.
  • The birth of The Naked Talk, the Naked Movement, the Naked Philosophy.
  • The continuous battle to find the courage to embrace the Naked truth.
  • The joy of making a difference everyday in people’s life
  • My Achievements and the truth behind finding the inner strength to be your awesome self.
  • My ambitions, advise to younger self and dancing with aliens! Ha ha ha.
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