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Alex Okoroji is Listed in Super Brand Guru- Charles O'Tudor's List Of Personal #BrandsToWatch 2017

Alex Okoroji, is very excited to be nominated among some of Nigeria's best in CHARLES O'TUDOR'S Personal #BrandsToWatch2017

This is sincerely an incredible honor for me to be acknowledged 'by' the Best - 'with' some of the Very Best. Whoop!! I don't take it for granted.

Here's a mesage from the Brand Guru himself below.


Successful Brands create and sustain a strong, positive and lasting impression in the mind of consumers. 
These Brands provide external cues to taste, design and performance if developed and managed properly.

They also convey positive or negative messages about a product, along with indicating the company or service to the consumer, which is a direct result of past advertising, promotion and product reputation.

The CharlesO'Tudor #BrandsToWatch2017 nominees were carefully selected based on their individual efforts at remaining top of the mind in their operational spheres.

They are Recognizable, Distinct and possess a Psychological Trigger or Stimulus that creates an association with VALUE, QUALITY and PRESTIGE. 


The aim is to encourage Excellence and recognize Distinct Performance.


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