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Alex Okoroji Joins 25 Global Speakers at SharRon Jamison's Countdown to 2018 Event

Alex Okoroji is one of 25 Global Speakers at SharRon Jamison's DARE TO SOAR HIGHER Countdown to 2018

Award Winning Author & Life Strategist, SharRon Jamison Hosted a global Facebook LIVE event from December 22nd - 31st, with 25 Diverse speakers & leaders from different walks of life, background, ages, and countries like the US, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria and India at the DARE TO SOAR HIGHER Countdown to 2018.

Some of the speakers who shared brilliant lessons, nuggets and tips from 2017 were, American Actress & Author Kim Coles, Author & Podcaster June Archer, Author & Speaker Lucinda Cross-Otiti, Branding Photographer Stacy Pierce, John Shamburger, Corey Hicks, Frankie Picasso, Clayton Jackson, Jyoti Tiwari, Collen Pratt, Dr Vicki Johnson, Sherri Leopold, Imani Baskin, Dr Tanya Lowe, Regina Poole, Thema Azize Sewa, Dr Monique McMiller, Charese Matthews, Dawn Marie Westmoreland, Abhijit Ganguly, Tariq Abdul, Marcus Y, Rosier, Denene Alvarez, Alfred Weems, Victoria Nkong, Anika Wilson Brown, Alex Okoroji who joined from Nigeria and Famed Brazilian Author - Adriana Gavazzoni.

Here's A Summary of the Tips For 2018 Alex Okoroji Shared at the Coundown...

Tips For 2018

  • Find Ways to Express Yourself (Who you are & what you want/desire.Represent it in every way and earn your respect).

  • Don't Be Ashamed to BRAG! (Beat your drums and everyone will join the party. It's okay to celebrate your accomplishments and goals. It honors your hard work. Let people know when something new happens, share it with the world).

  • Reinvent in 2018. (Reinvention is the solution to managing the struggle for perfection because you can start where you are with what you have and tweak as you go. It is the secret to challenging the illusion of perfection).

  • Update Your Website Bio/Social Media Profiles, CV’s or Resume Regularly. Let it contain new achievements, as well as the most important information that makes you rock and makes you super powerful & different from a similar brand.

  • Focus on Human Metric, Word of Mouth and Testimonial (What people think and say about your brand, message or product is more important the number of likes, comments or social media fanfare you get. Bottom line, they must balance each other out, work on people having a positive experience of service/work...because reviews & word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing strategy. The right recommendation is all you need).

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