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Alex Okoroji Releases Latest 2018 Issue of BRAG! Magazine

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher - Alex Okoroji releases the new issue of BRAG! - her Global Magazine for Influencers. This 2018 Bold edition, spotlights Cover Girl & Influencer of the Season, Famed Brazilian Author & Lawyer - Adriana Gavazzoni.

It also features amazing insights on Personal leadership from 5 top influencers around the world, Leadership Expert - Maria Appelqvist from Sweden, Legendary Actor & Politician - Richard Mofe Damijo from Nigeria, US Attorney & Media Personality - LeTonya Moore from USA, Indian Politician - Vijay Jolly, Thought Leader & Ambassador of Happiness®- Maura Sweeney, + our Influencer Spotlight on Africa's Rising Leader - Muna Onuzo-Iyanam and exclusives from CO-Founder & CFO of Blue Ocean Global Technology - Sameer Somal.

This Glossy issue also includes "Boldism" from our VIP Contributor - Vaneese Johnson, Insights on Leadership with Life Strategist and our 2016 Influencer of the season - SharRon Jamison + Hot Talk with Blecyn featuring Former Miss NewYork & SWAAY Media CEO - Iman Oubou, + List of "10 Influencers to Watch in 2018" spotlighting Shawn Anderson, Lisa Nichols, Dr Harbeen Arora, Lucinda Cross-Otiti, Ajit Nawalkha, Dr Neeta Bhushan, Tony Chen, Jyoti Tiwari, Abhijit Ganguly, Jack HM Wong, + Food for Thoughts with Malaika Fatima Gilani + Bonus Audio Chat w/ Jack HM Wong from Singapore, Author Spotlight on India's Virag Dhulia, Interview with Nella Chikwe from Australia, Your Action Takeaway and More.

Grab a digital version for only $5.99 or order your glossy print copy of the 2018 Bold Issue of my Global Magazine for Influencers- BRAG!

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