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Alex Okoroji Set To Teach at The Centre For Law & Business (CLB) Summer Programme For Teens

Alex Okoroji to teach at the Centre For Law & Business CLB Life Skill Summer Programme

I am so pumped and ready to deliver #VALUE this summer at the Centre For Law & Business (CLB) - joining fellow Actor - Yemi Blaq, Financial Analyst - Pai Gamde, Radio Host - Fayo Williams and more premium facilitators.

I can't wait to teach one of my Signature Classes during the CLB Academy Social, LifeSkill & Career Summer Program for Teens this July.

Looking for spectacular ways to engage your teens, nieces, nephews this summer? Look no further.

With a wonderful mix of DELIVERY PARTNERS ranging from professionals in the Finance Sector, Business Sector, Creative Sector, Social Sector e.t.c, the Summer Program for Teens promises to be exciting.

We have to arm teens with future skills they will need to thrive. REGISTER now 👇

Register now for the CLB Academy Social, LifeSkill & Career Summer Program with several professional facilitators from different works of life.

The first Cohort is July 24th to August 4th.

Remember they also get free tickets to watch Live Plays, excursions to historic site & a possible weekend getaway.

Contact 09060000131-3 for enquiries & register

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