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Alex Okoroji Starts New Influencer Series on Huffington Post

As a Global Influencer & a Global connector, her focus is always on people who are creating genuine impact, using their acquired influence in the world to DO better and speak better in to the lives of others.

Alex Okoroji started a New Weekly Influencer Series on her Huff Post Column tagged "They Have The BRAG Factor™". Inspired by her Acclaimed Audio Training - THE BRAG FACTOR, The Global Magazine - BRAG! and her VIP Mastermind Club for Influencers - THE BRAG CLUB.

For the next 52 Weeks - She is very excited to Spotlight & Celebrate Influencers of any age, race, gender, color or industry doing great things.

People who are worth bragging about.

These Influencers are not empty vessels just making noise (And they make some loud pandemonium) - They are Global Trail-Blazers, Actionaries, Visionaries, Path Finders and Game Changers who are using their platforms, brands, skills, names or messages to successfully inspire, EMPOWER and influence people to take massive ACTION.

The Featured Influencer for Week 1 is Madison Jaye

P. S: Do you know more Influencers doing awesome things, that deserve to be celebrated? This year, Alex Okoroji is on a mission to spotlight 52 Influencers (One for Each Week) and is on the look out for super amazing people.

Please read and find out why Alex thinks Madison Jaye has The BRAG factor™.

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