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Joining 10 Industry Experts at THE GIVE GRATITUDE SUMMIT

Yass! It's November - The Month of Gratitude! I am just so thankful to be ALIVE. So in the spirit of Gratitude - I am thrilled to announce the Give Gratitude Summit, coming your way November 14th-19th.
Eleven Industry experts and successful business owners — myself included — will be sharing with you, our insights about how gratitude and giving have been an integral part of our success stories.

I am also thankful for a lot of things including some words of jewels said to ME, almost 11 years ago - by one of Africa's Finest -- my Mentor, Acting Coach and Early Influence - RICHARD MOFE DAMIJO (RMD). In fact, it's one of the best advice I have received, and I have carried it with ME, travelling down the road to success. Whoop!


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