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INTERVIEW: Alex Okoroji Is Featured As 13th Creative Spotlight on MOGUL by American Columnist & BreakUp Coach - Chelsea Leigh Trescott

Alex Okoroji featured as 13th Creative Spotlight on MOGUL

We have to 'Break Down' First to BREAK UPWARD - because when we fall down, we must find the courage to get back up.

I am Creative Spotlight #13: It is so incredible to be spotlighted - sharing my break upward story on how I used my heart break & failed marriage to find my own version of success.

What an Incredible honor it is to be featured on MOGUL all the way from Nigeria. This is more than just an interview - It is my heart speaking undeniable TRUTH.

I hope this raw & honest interview with the amazing American Columnist & Break Up Coach - Chelsea Leigh Trescott inspires someone to find their own silver lining.

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