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Special Feature: Alex Okoroji is Chasing Dreams in The November 2017 Cover Issue of India's UPWORDS Magazine

Alex Okoroji November Cover Feature on UPWORDS Magazine, India

What a way to start November. It was a treat, speaking to the amazing Abhijit Ganguly Editor-In-Chief of the brilliant global publication - UPWORDS Magazine, right out of Kolkata, India.

Alex Okoroji Inside Feature - UPWORDS Magazine
Alex Okoroji Chasing Dreams - Inside Feature on UPWORDS Magazine

And to have the great opportunity to share my NAKED Philosophy & more - on his international platform with his readers.

Yay! When your special feature is literally After Hollywood Actress - Bai Ling's October Cover! Your bragging rights is raised to the Power of 100. He he he. Excited to be CHASING DREAMS....& inspiring others to do more.

If you want to move UP - UP - All the way UPWARDS. Please check out this amazing magazine & read this November's feature -->

It is so worth the read. I DROPPED some value bombs! I can't wait for you to read the other amazing people featured too.

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